Regular Laundry

Regular laundry consists of all laundry items including: pants, shirts, sweaters, underwear, socks, towels, sheets, etc. -- Only $1.30/lb.

Minimum Charge

A minimum charge of $22.10 (17 lbs.) applies to all orders.

Free Services!

  • Pick up and delivery
  • Same day service
  • Low temperature drying

Other Items

For items that are bigger and take longer to dry, the following charges apply:
Item Price Per
Comforters $10.00 ea
Comforter covers $6.00 ea
Down comforters $20.00 ea
Terry robes $6.00 ea
Blankets $7.00 ea
Rugs (starting at) $4.00 ea
Mattress pads $5.00 ea
Baby clothes $5.00 order
Rush order $0.00 lb